March 2022 Learning Menu: The Virtue of Temperance

Pick and choose what and when you want to learn

February Suggested Saints 

Families With Children

For Pre - k - 2nd grade - Talk about nutrition. Practice identifying a balanced meal and resonable portions. Identify unbalanced meals and super-sized portions. Here is a simple activity you can do as a family on Temperence and Food.

 Video for young children but kids of all ages will enjoy this simple lesson: TEMPERANCE | I Can't Stop! | Tomkin the Catholic Cowboy - YouTube

Pay attention fo your communication and make sure that when people talk to you this month, make sure they get enough time to talk as other family members. sopme people are quiet, so you might need to ask them questions. 

Talk about video games in your family and other on-line games. What is the difference between having fun and being addicted? Try cutting back some this month. 

Temperance Coloring Page for all ages

A Temperance Word Search

How to practice Temperance Family Worksheet

 A short video (2 minutes) narrated by a young boy on self control: Based On A True Story : Temperance - YouTube

 An Article for Parents on all of the Virtues but also with a section on teaching Temperance to your children. The Family: A School for the Cardinal Virtues - Catholic East Texas


Take some time this month to reflect on how your spend your time. Is there a balance between prayer, rest, work and play? Is there any one activity tht takes over too much of your time and energy? Are there enjoyable activities that deserve more of your time? Make a resolution this month that will help balance your schedule. 

A short (4 minute) explanation on What is Temperance? - YouTube  that offers a balanced understanding of the Virtue


Joan Watson, Diocese of Nashville offers us a Three Minute Theology on how to be masters over our behavior Cardinal Virtues: Temperance - YouTube

Here is a 6 minute presentation by Fr. James Brent O.P. with practical suggestions and explanations on self mastry over our bodies. Temperance (Aquinas 101) - Bing video 

This is a 50-minute presentation by Sr Thomas Aquinas OP from the the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.Temperance » Openlight Media