February 2022 Learning Menu

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February Suggested Saints 

Families with Children 

Family Fun -- Role play activity on the virtue of cheerfulness

Virtue of Cheerfulness Word Search Activity

Family Bible Study on the Virtue of Cheerfulness

The Cheerful Giver | A Story About Giving - YouTube – Preschool poem on the cheerful giver.

Bedtime story for young children about Mr. Cheerful.

(check out the 7 Simple Strategies to Remain Cheerful below)


Bible Reflection on the Virtue of Cheerfulness 16 Bible verses about Cheerfulness (knowing-jesus.com)

7 Simple Strategies To Remain Cheerful - YouTube



Cheerfulness | J.John's Word for Today - August 7th 2020 - YouTube (one minute of inspiration)

A Life of Service and Cheerfulness (catholicstand.com) (An  article on what cheerfulness looks like)

Read Irish Archbishop Dermot Farrel'sl,  homily on how Saint Dominic can teach us that cheerfulness and kindliness, reflected in our faces, is a better witness to the gospel than the ‘funeral face’ sometimes mentioned by Pope Francis”