Faith Formation November 2021

Humility- Accepting Your Limitations and God-Given Talents

November 2021 Learning Menu



Narthex Nook 

Stop by the Narthex after November 14th this month to pick up a momento to help you grow in the virtue of humility.

November Saints

Families with Children

****Be Humble - YouTube "Levi's Little Lectures" a 5 minute video by a young boy on the virtue of humilty with scripture quotes. 

**** The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister | A Story of Humility, Friendship, Sharing and True Happiness - YouTube

**** A Family Faith Walk on the Treasures of our World

**** Parenting with Humility ( by Vicki Burbach

****10 Ways to Teach Your Children Humility | All Pro Dad

**** Speak of Blessing Family Activity: This week, start your family meal off by going around the family and having each member of the family, bless every other member of the family by saying the person's name and then finishing the sentance: (name) I compliment you for  ___________. (this is a time to affirm each other's talents and practice of the virtues)


****Jesus teaches us a different way to live. He teaches us to be humble, which means we take the focus off ourselves and put it on others. Humility means we serve others.Youth Group Lesson on Humility - YouTube by Nick Dilberto

****Fr Mike Scmitz speaks about how to conquer pride and live a more humble life. Fr. Mike Schmitz - Como dominar o orgulho? - YouTube


**** Take the time to learn your top 5 themes of talent as developed by the Gallup Organization.  Then take some time to reflect on how God is calling you to share your talents in your life. CliftonStrengths Online Talent Assessment | EN - Gallup

**** Pray the Litany of Humility This month

**** Two minute reflection from Sr. Faustina from her Reflection 37: Humility, Simplicity and Sincerity.  Reflection 37: Humility, Simplicity and Sincerity - YouTube