Faith Formation October 2021


"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast" Heb 6:19


October 2021 Learning Menu 



Narthex Nook: 

We invite you to stop by the Narthex this month to pick up an "Act of Hope" bookmark to decorate (or not) and take home to pray this year as we focus on the different aspects of the Virtue of Hope. 

October Saints -

Families with Children

***Daily Reflection on "Studiousness" Each day, think of one thing you learned at school or in your day that taught you something about God –Help your children to think about all their classes and learning – even recess.

***The Perfect Stud Space On a separate piece of paper, draw what you think is the perfect study space.

  • What books or objects should be included in the picture
  • What should be left out in order that you might study better?
  • Work together to affirm or plan what time you devote to study

***Family Faith Walk: from Family Faith Walks: On the Go Faith Activities by kelly J. Haack
Pumpkin Patch

*** Virtue In Practice










*** Study the virtues: Cardinal and TheologicalVirtues | Catholic Central - YouTube (5 minute study on Virtues)

***Study Space: Take a moment to evaluate your study space and your study habits. Is there a way you could adjust either of these so that your study would be more effective? Here's a short video on The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips - YouTube


***What Is Hope and Why Do You Need It? - YouTube (5 minute video by Fr. Mike Schmitz)

*** Short Articles on the Virtue of Hope and our focus this month:"Studiousness" 


In your life, what are you curious about? What is God calling you to "study" in order to grow closer to him? Could it be scripture or a particular teaching in the Church? Maybe it's prayer and contemplation. Take some quiet time to reflect upon this question and then ask God to bless you with the desire and fortitude to follow through on learning and studying about this aspect of your faith life.