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Virtue of the month: Mercy

Caring for those who suffer


Narthex Nook

This month you are invited to stop by the Narthex to create two Mercy pinwheels. One pinwheel has the corporal works of mercy printed on it and the other has the spiritual works of mercy printed on it. This mememto can be a reminder to us of the practical ways we can all live out the virtue of Mercy in our lives. 

April Saints


Families with Children

 Video:The Corporal Works of Mercy - YouTube (Corporal Works of Mercy by Abby – this is a video of a young girl teaching the works of mercy for other children)

Coloring Pages for for the Works of Mercy

Worksheet: Virtue in Practice for Mercy Worksheet -- this is the story of St. Faustina and includes the Divine Mercy Chaplet

Reflection SongCorporal Works of Mercy Song - YouTube -- this is for younger children

parents: This is a great article on how to live out the Works of Mercy in your family in very practical ways with your children. How to Practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy as a Family (blessedisshe.net)




Adults (parents too!)

Article: Cloyne Diocese ‘Year of Mercy’ Booklet – Chapter 9: The Works of Mercy | Cloyne Diocese - this is a good explanation of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

Video Interview: Mercy in the City - Kerry Weber - YouTube -- this is an interview with the author of the book: Mercy in the City. She shares her experience of trying to live the Corporal Works of Mercy in her life. 

Relfection Video and Song: Reflection Song: Whatsoever You Do - YouTube


Watch Fr. Anh's Presentation on the Virtue of Mercy Here


Savior, Majestic Redeemer of mankind,
Through Your kindness and forgiveness, You secured what was rightfully Yours. Having sinned against Your greatness, lured away by the prince of darkness, your mercy released me from bondage.
Grant me the insight of this great mercy, that I may understand the sinful nature and be as merciful as Your Holy Grace. Merciful Lord, anchor my soul to Heaven,never letting it out of Your sight, ensuring my eternal presence with You!