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Virtue of the Month: Honesty

Being Trustworthy and True


Narthex Nook

This month you are invited to stop by the table to pick up a packet to make your own Lenten Honesty Cross. Create the cross out of twigs, twine and clay and then display it in your home as a reminder of God's true and trustworthy love for us by sending us His Son as our saviour. 

March Saints


Families with Children


******Initiate a weekly Family Meeting this month and start the gathering by having each member of your household start out with a true compliment of every other member of your household. Then discuss any family plans, household issues, or chores that can be shared and finish with an Our Father Prayer.

*******Virtue Activity and family discussion on Blessed Fancesco Marto, Blessed Jacinat Marto

Background Information on Our Lady of Fatima:

*******Commandments 8 & 9 Bible Study: Look up the passage on the 10 commandments from Deuteronomy Chapter 5:1- 22


Help children grow in the virtue of honesty | Diocese of Raleigh


St. John of Kanty story of running after the thieves who had just robbed him to give him additional coins that he had forgotten about. The Saintly Approach to Honesty (

Honesty Reflection Sheet


Watch Fr.Anh's Presentation on the Viture of Honesty Here