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Virtue of the Month: Generosity: 

GENEROSITY  - a FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT : Derived from the Latin word generōsus, which means "of noble birth," which itself was passed down to English through the Old French word generous. We are to extend ourselves to all of mankind, especially the most needy. To do so, we are emulating Jesus who went after the one lost sheep. To love is to give. God loves us and He gives us everything He wants us to have. When we give, as our Lord encourages, we truly deny ourselves. Generosity must be done in silence in order to merit grace from God and not merely the thanksgiving of mortal men. It is very easy to be generous to our relatives or friends but that is not generosity since we will be repaid for that with friendship, thanksgiving and praise. Generosity must extend to the poor and the needy. It is a quest for justice as we have the work of God to provide for those who don't have. 

Narthex Nook Momento: 

This month you are invited to stop by the Narthex on January 10th to create your own refridgerator magnet with the word "generosity" on it. We will glue the word to the back of a clear stone and then glue the magnet to that. You can then use it to post pictures of generous people in your life fridge and praise God each day for being a witness of generosity to you. 

January Saints

Spend some time learning about the saints we celebrate and honor in the month of January


Families with Children

Kids Book Read Aloud: THE RAINBOW FISH by Marcus Pfister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3cmddZh6t8

Generosity Word SearchFruits of the Spirit Word Search: Highlight "Generosity" when you find it and talk about ways that you are generous in your life. 

Table Talk on Galatians 5:21-26 Galatians, CHAPTER 5 | USCCB

  • What are the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit?
  • Share a time when someone was generous to you.
  • Share a time when you were generous to someone else.
  • Come up with ways your family can live out generosity in your lives together

 Watch the story of Lucas Hobbs a generous boy https://www.compassion.com/child-sponsorship/virtue-of-generosity.htm  

January Family Faith Walk


 Jon Jorgenson 7 minute sermon on goodness:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKqpvcXs3Yk


Adult Resources

Watch a story about how a teacher was generous with mercy and loveInspirational Video- Be a Mr. Jensen- MUST WATCH!! - YouTube

Back ground information Resource on the Fruits of the Spirit

Great Article on the Generosity with Biblical reference and short essays. Generosity Resource Article









Click Here to watch Fr. Anh's presentation on the virtue of Generosity