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Virtue of the Month: Stewardship

"Returning to God the First Fruits of your Time, Talent and Treasure"


Narthex Nook Momento: 

This month you are invited to pick up a Holy Innocents Christmas Ornament packet and either put your ornament together and decorate there at the Narthex Nook or take it home with you to put it together. This ornament has a scripture verse on Stewardship for one side and the definition of a good steward on the other side. 

December Featured Saints

Spend a little time learning about saints whom we celebrate in the month of December


Families with Children

December Family Faith Walk  "Garbage Collection Day" -- Take a family walk this month and take a garbage bag to practice stewardship of the earth while talking about how we are God's hands in caring for our planet.

Advent Stewardship Ideas: Simple Advent activiites that can support our desire to grow in Stewardship this Advent Season.

Virtue of Stewardship In Practice Worksheet: This resource comes from the Dominican Sister of St. Cecelia Congregation in Nashville

Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful! - YouTube: Laugh along with this guy who helps us with the basic premise of Stewardship! Gratefulness!

Object Lesson on Stewardship - French Fries - YouTube -- a good explanation of the concept of Stewardship using French Fries!

Stewardship Word Search Worksheet: Just some old fashion word search fun. Here's the Word Search Key too.

For Parents: 

A cool article orignially written for teachers, but as the primary educators of your children's faith, this is a good one for you on how to teach your children about stewardship.


A good video on the science of happiness and what it has to do with being grateful (One of the first principles of the virtue of Stewardship) An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness - YouTube


 Watch Archbishop Etienne's Video Messages ( on the theology of stewardship

Watch Deacon Pierce, Director of the office of Stewardship and Devlopment from the Archdiocese of Seattle speak on the Virtue of Stewardship:

A Biblical Reflection created by Fr. Anh to support the basic question of Stewardship: Whom do you Serve.




For Everybody

Learn about the Virtue of Stewardship this month from Fr. Anh.