November Learning Menu

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Virtue of the Month: Reverence

  •  "Showing your Deepest Respect for the things of God"


Narthex Nook Momento and "All Saints Museum"

In the narthex this month you will find a Saints Museum that you can browse to learn about some of our most popular saints and some local ones you may not have known about. We have created a passport that children can fill out and turn in to receive a little gift from us at the end of the month. In addition, there will be supplies available to make and Mod Podge a votive holder to create your very own devotional candle to use this month at home. You could place it on your family table or altar. You could use it in your prayer time either by yourself or with your family as a sign of reverence for your sacred time. 

November Featured Saints: 

Spend a little time learning about saints whom we celebrate in the month of November.

Families with Children

  1. Take a tour of the church when it is empty. In a whisper, point out the statues, sanctuary, altar, tabernacle, sacristy, windows, etc. Practice shoing reverence to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist by genuflecting facing the tabernacle. Then practice bowing to the altar as a sign of reverence for where we celebrate the consecration during mass. 
  2. Discuss how sacramentals open our hearts to grace. How many sacramentals can you find in your home? Discuss the proper reverence to be shown for blessed objects (never place them on the flooor, never thow them away but when they are worn out or broken, burn or bury them.) Choose one of the following sacramentals and practice using it this month to open your heart to grace: 
    1. Blessings: Blessings at meals, blessing oneself with holy water, signing one's children with the Cross at night or before leaving home. 
    2. Blessed objects: Bible, holy water, rosaries, scapulars, medals, cucifixes, statues, images
  3. Decide as a family some new ways during this time to keep the Lord's Day holy. Some ideas could include spending extra time together doing something enjoyable and fun; appreciating creation, preparing for mass by looking up the readings, using special dishes for the sunday meal; praying together. 
  4. Print out the "Grow in the Virtue of Reverence" page and complete it this month and pray the prayer at the bottom. 
  5. Show Reverence to God by Taking a Family Faith walk focusing on Thanksgiving and being grateful for our blessings of nature. 
  6. Here's a great video for children on respect:


  1. A reflection to Learn the names of 20 young Saints and search their stories to see how they practiced Revernce in their lives.
  2. Take a moment to refresh yourself on how to reverently receive the Eucharist 


  1. Fr. Anh's Pesentation on Reverence:
  2. Read the Book of Job Chapter 32 – 37 from USCCB:

  • 1. Examine in your life, especially when you find things go wrong, ask your self this question: “How did I view my unfortunate? Did I blame God for my unfortunate?”

  • 2. Is there someone, who lead me to God, that I can turn to in the moment of need? Am I encouraged enough to ask for help and take their advice to prayers?

  • 3. How is my relationship with God when things go wrong? Do I blame God or become impatient with God?4. Am I encouraged to give reverence to God being challenged by family members, friends and others?

3. Break the habit of using the Lord's name in vain. When you slip up, make the sign of the cross as a reminder of breaking this habit.

4. 5. Learn about how the clergy, religious and many laity pray the Liturgy of the hours to sanctify the day. Try it out a couple times this month. Check out the free features on

6. This month take the time to really listen to those who speake to you. When they talk to you, don't multitask. Give each person your full attention. Does it make a difference. 

7.  Fr. Mike Scmitz: 3 reasons Catholics Genuflect:

8. Discover more about the practice of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with Fr. Barron