October Faith Formation Learning Menu

Pick and Choose what and how you want to learn


"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convitction of things not seen" Heb 11:1

Virtue of the Month: Faith

  •  "Believing in God and All He has revealed.

Narthex Nook Momento: 

During the month of October you are invited to stop by the church narthex during church open hours or after mass on Sundays to pick up a momento connected to this month's focus of the virtue of faith. For October we will have bookmarks with the Act of Faith prayer printed on them. You can pick one up and take it home. 

October Featured Saints: 

Spend a little time learning about the following saints whom we celebrate during the month of Ocober.

Families with Children Learning Menu

***Families with children are invited to join in a Livestream on Sunday mornings 9:15-9:45am where the F.U.T.U.R.E Masters of Ceremonies will lead a prayer, Gospel presentation and Family Table Talk time. Please register here so that we may email you the link to join this fun and fruitful faith formation time. 

Choose 2 or 3 activities to do with your children this month to help them learn about the virtue of faith. 

  • Pray the Act of Faith each night along with your bedtime prayers 
  • Watch this "Kids Homily" by Catholic Kids Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slxlzo7DbEI&t=38s
  • Watch Faithful Champions of God together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlgXVihi_S8
    • Choose one of the faithful Champions from this video and look up their story in the bible 
    • Talk together about what hardships this person experienced and how they were blessed for their faith
  • Make a visit to the church and spend a few minutes in Eucharistic Adoration using these steps as a guide ACTS(Q) A=Adoration (Telling God how much you love Him), C=Contrition (saying you are sorry),T=Thanksgiving,(Thanking God for all your blessings) S=Supplication(praying for others) Q=Tell God what is going on in your life; ask Him questions and listen with your heart for Him to answer you. (Remember to stop by the Faith Formation Narthex Nook to pick up your Act of Faith Bookmark)
  • St Martha Worksheet on Faith
  • October Family Faith Walk: The Pumpkin Patch (from Family Faith Walks - On the Go Faith Activities by Kelly J. Hack Concordia Publishing House, Saint Louis) 

Teens Menu

Here are some sources to get you thinking about faith this month. Choose a few, get going, get growing! If you're a teen interested in getting involved and doing activities with other teens and youth leaders, email eamon@holyinn.org for updates and communication!  

Adult Menu

  • Check out Fr. Anh's presentation on Faith Here (20 minutes )
  •  Examples of Faith Bible Study: Read the scripture passages and then some time to reflect on the following questions.

    • Genesis Chapter 22: “The Testing of Abraham.” Link: https://bible.usccb.org/bible/genesis/22

      • Q:  Have you ever been challenged by God in your faith? What was your response and how did you feel about it?

      • Q: Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son Isaac, was there a time in your life that God ask for something from you?

    • Daniel Chapter 3: “The Fiery Furnace.” Link: https://bible.usccb.org/bible/daniel/3

      • Q:. What kind of prayers do you usually pray? Were they intercessory prayers or prayers of praise as that of Shadrach (Hananiah), Meshach (Mishael), and Abednego (Azariah)?

      •  Do you experience God in your prayers? Was it anxiety or peace?

  • Rediscover the Saints Book Study: Sign Up for one of the "Rediscover the Saints" virtual Small Groups either on Monday Mornings or Wednesday Evenings or as an independent study Here. ( Starting Monday Oct 5th ) 
    • Books are in the Narthex
    • Holy Innocents Study Guide for Rediscover the Saints
    • Optional "in-Person" discussion on the book Sunday October 25th and Nov 22nd 9:15-10:15am - down in the hall. (Masks must be worn; physical distance observed and hands washed)
  • Check out the Ted Talks listed above in the Teen Menu
  • Article from Northwest Catholic: Whats One thing you can do every day to live your faith?
    • Reflection: How has your faith sustained you over these pandemic months
    • What is one thing you do every day to live your faith
  • Your Holy Innocents CRS Ambassadors are hosting a Feast of St. Francis Program via Zoom on Wednesday, October 21st at 7pm. Join using this link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83735493570 or do the program on your own doing the virtual guide

Celebration Sunday October 25th -- What "Seeds of Faith" did you sow over this past month? Plan on bringing a symbol of your learning from the past month to display for the parish to see. (Bring it anytime between 8am -- 12:30p) Examples might be: for families:  a picture of your family on a faith walk; the st.Martha Worksheet; a picture of the Champion of Faith you studied. For Teens: A screen shot picture from the Netflix Viewing party. for Adults: Type up or write up your answer to the reflection question - don't sign it and bring it to post on our bulletin board.